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This deviation was deleted

Well I should add based on past stories of yours, I expected nothing less than what I read and got just what I wanted.

The story, while sexual in nature is at its core as well a snuff fantasy. I always felt the best way to approach said subject in any fashion, whether it be the beginning, the guts of the story or the ending is quick. You provide the perfect balance of detail needed for the stories. You don't saturate it going over every last drop of blood being spent, but enough where a visualization would prove possible and vivid and perfect for those with the fantasies to be more than worthy. I was easily able to visualize the cigar death as a Hollywood movie so to speak. To watch her squirm in pain and raise her arms in protest before it came down on her, the focus of the camera zooming in on her. What I feel comes best off that scene is that the face was this time being burnt rather than the body. In this type of fantasy its best to see the pain and torture and death an apparent thing and watching the body struggle gives much more an appeal than just a motionless head in place screaming. I feel you gave readers exactly what they asked for guaranteed this is what they be into.

As for originality I felt it was a slight bit lackluster as it seemed a bit repeat in terms of what you have wrote before but repeats in a way of how it is executed and not the ideas and executions of well...the executions and torture themselves which is why I didn't fully downgrade originality. The only true repeat I see is how the giantess/domme treats their subjects, but on a personal level I have no true issue with this being very submissive myself.

Overall I felt as usual with your stories they bring out the sub in me and get me very jealous of those being subjected to the torture and death and this story hit the nail on the head. The bringing up of name prefixes like "Miss" and the screwing over of ones life bringing complete humiliation to the small one while still being subservient is just perfect. Even while knowing ahead of time you will die as was shown with Ruby. Its the lowest of the low a human can go in such a way of being a slave.

I do hope though more from you as usual and as I have bugged you plenty about. I shall have fun with the fantasies this has given me later as I'm sure will everyone else reading this.
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